Sneak Peak: ROBERT STANDISH “Aspect Dawning” – An Exclusive ARTSY Online Exhibition


Robert Standish, Acrylic on Canvas / 36 × 24 in; 91.4 × 61 cm

Mark Moore Fine Art is very pleased to present an exclusive online exhibition of the recent “Rhythmic Series” works by acclaimed emerging Los Angeles Artist ROBERT STANDISH titled “Aspect Dawning“, Opening January 8, 2019.

This exhibition is available for you to view now at:

For twenty years, Los Angeles painter Robert Standish had been abstracting reality by altering his own powerful and moving photorealistic paintings of daily life. Seven years ago, Standish shifted away from constructing lifelike replicas of the world, and into an investigation of the unconscious unknown through abstraction. His move into an Abstract Expressionist “wet-on-wet” technique developed in tandem with his interests in cosmology and topography, in addition to psychological theory – namely, Dr. Carl Jung’s notion and analysis of the human psyche. 


DETAIL IMAGE: Acrylic on Canvas / 36 × 24 in; 91.4 × 61 cm

Now in “Aspect Dawning,” Standish revisits the essential element of his early style of photorealistic painting, namely, a photo reference, but through his more recent lens of abstraction. Fed up with biased news reporting, Standish sources his imagery from top U.S. and world news stories; often selecting photos from the Internet and various social media platforms associated with polarizing content. By unifying his disparate techniques, he gradually manipulates the palette and texture of the original image to change the representation of its featured subject – and subsequently, the viewer’s interpretation of it. Transcendence being a consistent theme of his practice, Standish’s newest work is true to his rejection of the finite, and his proclivity for the universal.


Robert Standish, Acrylic on Canvas / 36 × 48 in; 91.4 × 121.9 cm

Robert Standish is an American painter living and working in Los Angeles whose organic process reveals the emotive effects of color, shape, and texture. Inspired by the color-field painters and Abstract Expressionism, Standish’s  free-flowing use of paint is his way of exploring abstraction and transcendence. His works can be found in the permanent collections of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, JP MORGAN CHASE, The Weisman Foundation, Louis K. Meisel, Larry and Marilyn Fields, Patricia Arquette, Norwest Venture Partners and BRYANT/ STIBEL, along with numerous other acclaimed collections. Standish’s paintings have been exhibited internationally in galleries and museums, including two recent group shows at the Carnegie Art Museum.

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