Current and Recent Events: AMY ELKINS


Four Years out of a Death Row Sentence (Forest), 2009-2016
Archival Pigment Print
20×30 (edition of 5), 30×45 (edition of 5) and 40×60 (edition of 5)
Collection of the High Musuem of Art, Atlanta, GA
Please note the Current / Recent Events for AMY ELKINS:

– Amy Elkins: Photographs of Contemporary Masculinity at Frank M. Doyle Arts Pavilion. Costa, Mesa, CA. September 20- December 1, 2018

– “Black is the Day, Black is the Night” (BITDBITN) at Kathleen O’ Ellis Gallery, Syracuse, NY. August 2018

– SUNSHINE STATE on display at Goethe Institut: Ludlow 38. New York, NY. August 2018

– GOLDEN STATE on display at Carnegie Art Museum Studio Gallery through July 2018

– BITDBITN featured exhibition at 2018 Athens Photo Festival! Benaki Museum, Athens, Greece June 2018

– BITDBITN at The High Museum of Art, Atlanta, GA Sept 2017-April 2018

– BITDBITN Winner of the 2017 Lucie Independent Book Prize

– BITDBITN Shortlisted for the 2017 Mack First Book Awards

– BITDBITN Shortlisted for the 2016 Paris Photo-Aperture Foundation Book Awards

In addition, please find below the link to artist AMY ELKINS’ Project “Black is the Day, Black is the Night” featured in WSI Magazine currently on view as on exclusive online exhibition on ARTSY:

In “Black is the Day, Black is the Night”, a project that spanned seven years from 2009-2016, Amy Elkins explores how the notion of passing time can affect an individual’s psychology, sense of self, and perception of reality.

Check out her Recent Exclusive Online Exhibition on ARTSY for more more images and information on this award-winning Series of works at:

#markmoorefineart #amyelkins #wsimag #bitdbitn

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