Jason Salavon’s “Homage in Between (Chicago Art, 20th Century)” Debuts in Chicago 

Jason Salavon
Homage in Between   2018
Single-channel video, 6K resolution
243′ x 557′. 5m35s. Unique

Jason Salavon’s Homage in Between (Chicago Art, 20th Century) speaks to Chicago’s grand art and design histories as fluid streams of smaller events. This work was debuted Sept 29, 2018 to a live audience of 32,000 people.


Image archives will be used to create poetic complexes of flowing visual history. Dense, organic matrices of images will flow over the surface of theMART. Reproductions of paintings, illustrations, photographs and other visual ephemera will serve as source particulate in an evocative visual symphony of forms.

This experimental projection-mapped video was commissioned by the Terra Foundation for the inauguration of Art on theMART.

The piece presents 5m35s of neural network-driven video exploring image_categories-as-continuous_spaces.  It begins sampling from Chicago art & design history (O’keeffe, Paschke, Marshall, etc) and ends with internet vernacular (cats, cheeseburgers, celebrity faces). The hope is to synthesize incredible work coming out of AI research into an independent, standalone artwork requiring little explanation.

See a short video on this work can be viewed below:

#jasonsalavon #markmoorefineart

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