Daniel Canogar “Xylem” Featured in MIRRORS – An Exclusive Online Exhibition on ARTSY


DANIEL CANOGARXylem“, 2016, Liquid crystal display, metal structure, computer / Dimensions: 66 x 37.8 x 2.3 in / 167.6 x 96 x 5.8 cm / Edition of 5


Xylem features a generative animation created with real-time data from 383 global financial indexes. The incessant flow of financial information is a true vital energy that moves the world’s economy. The vertical movement of the animation faithfully reflects rising or dropping prices of daily trading quotes updated every 10 seconds.

The palette of colors in the artwork has been taken from the hues of the main currencies in the world, including the verdant color of the green-back, the pink tone of the 500 euro bill, and other international notes including the british pound and the chinese yuan. Also included are colors of traded commodities including gold, silver, copper and platinum.

The artwork evokes cascading fluid motions as those found in rain or waterfalls, as well as biological processes of animal and vegetable circulatory systems. As markets open and close across the globe, financial data is incessantly circulating through the arteries of our global digital web. As a generative artwork that never repeats itself, Xylem attempts to capture the ceaseless ebb and flow of financial data that touches us in more ways than we can imagine.

The title Xylem comes from the vascular tissue in plants which conducts water and dissolved nutrients upwards from the root and also helps to form the woody element in the stem.



Daniel Canogar (Madrid, 1964) received an M.A. from NYU and the International Center for Photography in 1990. His work as a visual artist focuses on photograpy, video, and installation art.

Daniel Canogar has created numerous public art pieces, including Waves, a permanent sculptural LED screen for the atrium of 2 Houston Center, Houston; Travesías, a sculptural LED screen commissioned for the atrium of the European Union Council in Brussels during the Spanish Presidency of the European Union in 2010; Constelaciones, the largest photo-mosaic in Europe created for two pedestrian bridges over the Manzanares River, in MRío Park, Madrid; Helix, a permanent LED sculptural screen made for Quantum of the Seas, a Royal Caribbean cruise ship andClandestinos, a video-projection presented on various emblematic monuments including the Arcos de Lapa in Rio de Janeiro, the Puerta de Alcalá in Madrid and the church of San Pietro in Montorio in Rome.

Canogar’s recent work includes Storming Times Square, screened on 47 of the LED billboards in Times Square, New York; “Small Data”, a solo exhibition at bitforms, New York, and Max Estrella Gallery in Madrid; “Quadratura”, a solo exhibition at Espacio Fundación Telefónica in Lima; “Vórtices”, an exhibition exploring issues of water and sustainability at the Fundación Canal Isabel II in Madrid;Synaptic Passage, an installation commissioned for the exhibition “Brain: The Inside Story” at the American Museum of Natural History in New York and two installations at the Sundance Film Festival 2011 in Park City, Utah.

He has exhibited in the Reina Sofia Contemporary Art Museum, Madrid; the Palacio Velázquez, Madrid; Max Estrella Gallery, Madrid; bitforms Gallery, New York; Filomena Soares Gallery, Lisbon; Guy Bärtschi Gallery, Geneva; Mimmo Scognamiglio Artecontemporanea, Milano; the Santa Mónica Art Center, Barcelona; the Alejandro Otero Museum, Caracas; the Wexner Center for the Arts, Ohio; the Offenes Kulturhaus Center for Contemporary Art, Linz; the Kunstsammlung Nordrhein Westfallen, Düsseldorf; Hamburger Banhof Museum, Berlin; Borusan Contemporary Museum, Istanbul; the American Museum of Natural History, New York; the Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh and the Mattress Factory Museum, Pittsburgh.

For more information on Daniel Canogar go to the following link on the Mark Moore Fine Art website HERE or contact: mark@markmoorefineart.com

Viewing are available by appointment.

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