Daniel Canogar “Mirrors” – On View Now


You can view “Mirrors” – the exclusive ARTSY online exhibition of the works of Daniel Canogar – now at the following link: 


The exhibition will include alternate views of these works, all particulars, in addition to all pricing information.

Born in Madrid (1964) to a Spanish and an American mother, DANIEL CANOGAR´s life and career have bridged between Spain and the U.S. Photography was his earliest medium of choice, but he soon became interested in the possibilities of the projected image and installation art. His fascination with the technological history of optical devices, such as magic lanterns, panoramas and zoetropes, inspired him to create his own projection devices. Fox example, in the late 90s he created a multi-projection system with fiber optic cables. The resulting artworks were mobile-like hanging sculptures that projected images onto surrounding walls.


With the advent of digital technology, the artist continued re-conceptualizing visual media as sculpture. By projecting video animations onto salvaged obsolete electronics, he was able to metaphorically reveal the collective dreames trapped within DVDs, old calculators, video-game consoles or found computer hard drives. Also notable are Canogar´s public artworks using flexible LED screens. Like with his earlier fiber optic cable installations, he once again reinvents an existing technology to suit his artistic explorations; by using flexible LED tiles, he is able to create twisting ribbon-like screens for atriums and public spaces.


He has created numerous public art pieces, including Tendril, a permanent sculptural LED screen for Tampa International Airport; Travesías, a sculptural LED screen commissioned for the atrium of the European Union Council in Brussels; Constelaciones, the largest photo-mosaic in Europe created for two pedestrian bridges over the Manzanares River, Madrid; and Asalto, a video-projection presented on various emblematic monuments including the Arcos de Lapa in Rio de Janeiro, Union Station in Toronto, Puerta de Alcalá in Madrid and ths church of San Pietro in Montorio in Rome.

His recent work includes “Fluctuations” at Sala Alcalá 31, Madrid; Storming Times Square, screened on 47 of the LED billboards in Times Square, New York; “Echo”, a solo exhibition at bitforms, New York, and Max Estrella Gallery in Madrid; “Vórtices”, an exhibition exploring issues of water and sustainability at the Fundación Canal Isabel II in Madrid and Synaptic Passage, an installation commissioned for the exhibition “Brain: The Inside Story” at the American Museum of Natural History in New York.


Daniel Canogar received an M.A. from NYU ant the International Center for photography in 1990. He presently lives and works in Madrid and New York City.

You can find additional available works now available by this artist and prices on our ARTSY website at: www.artsy.net/mark-moore-gallery

For more information on this work and the Mark Moore Fine Art resale art program please check out our website: www.markmoorefineart.com

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