ARTSY Online Exclusive Exhibition of the Month – Ben Charles Weiner: Recent Works on Paper


Image: Benjamin Charles Weiner, ​​Abstract (Gold), 2018

Painter Ben Charles Weiner is featured in a very interesting article in W Magazine featuring artists who work with unconventional materials. Weiner is in good company, alongside Jenny Holzer, Sterling Ruby and others. Click here on this link to read the full article.

Mark Moore Fine Art is pleased to present a selection of sixteen new paintings on paper and limited edition prints by New York Artist BEN CHARLES WEINER. This ARTSY Online Exclusive Exhibition is on view through September 30th. You can view these works now at the following link:


Image: Benjamin Charles Weiner, Mirage Pearls, 2018

We are also very pleased to announce our new video channel on Youtube and the addition of several new short video interviews that have just been added to this site for your reference. I would invite you to check out the MARK MOORE FINE ART VIDEO CHANNEL and encourage you to subscribe to future videos at the following link by clicking HERE.


Image: Benjamin Charles Weiner, Untilted, 2018

The short film collection at MMFA Video Channel now features four new videos that have been just posted that include a looks inside the studios of artists: ALLISON SCHULNIK, ANDREW SCHOULTZ, VERNON FISHER, and JOHN BAUER. In total we have nearly fifty new or recent videos posted there for you to view – and that list grows weekly. Other artists featured on the MMFA Channel are: Jason Salavon, Kris Kuksi, Stephanie Washburn, Julie Oppermann, Tim Bavington, Joshua Dildine, and Julie Heffernan – just to name a few.

A brief artist interview can be viewed from this collection below with BENJAMIN CHARLES WEINER:

For additional information on this artist and their work, please go to our website at or check out their artist page on ARTSY at the following link:

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