AMY ELKINS featured in Aperture magazine’s “Prison Nation” February 07 – March 07, 2018

17_Elkins_BITDBITN copy

Image: Amy Elkins14/38 (Not the Man I Once Was), 2009-2016 / 20×24 (edition of 5), 30×40 (edition of 5) and 40×50 (edition of 5) – Portrait of a man 14 years into his death row sentence, where the ratio of years spent in prison to years alive determined the level of image loss.

Artist AMY ELKINS is currently featured in Aperture magazine’s “Prison Nation” issue and the related exhibition February 07 – March 07, 2018.

Incarceration impacts all of us. “Americans, even those who have never been to a prison or had a relative in prison, need to realize that we are all implicated in a form of governance that uses prison as a solution to many social, economic, and political problems,” the Curator, Nicole Fleetwood, notes. Empathy and political awareness are essential to creating systemic change—and through Aperture magazine, and the accompanying exhibition and public programming, “Prison Nation” may provoke us to see parts of ourselves in the lives of those on the inside.

Additional Exhibited Artists: Lucas Foglia / Bruce Jackson / Emily Kinni / Jesse Krimes / Jack Lueders-Booth / Deborah Luster / Chandra McCormick and Keith Calhoun / Zora Murff / Nigel Poor / Joseph Rodriguez / Jamel Shabazz / Sable Elyse Smith / Stephen Tourlentes

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