Dirk Staschke featured in “Revive, Remix, Respond: Contemporary Ceramic Artists and The Frick Pittsburgh”

1Staschke_BeyondAshadow_2017_CeramicWoodEpoxy_27x22x20 copy

IMAGE: Dirk Staschke, “Beyond a Shadow”, 2017, Ceramic,Wood, and Epoxy, 27 x 22 x 20 inches

Opening February 17th, “Revive, Remix, Respond” brings an exciting group of works by contemporary ceramic artists to The Frick Pittsburgh. Curated by Associate Curator of Decorative Arts, Dawn Brean, the exhibition is planned to showcase artists who are breathing new life into the ceramic medium by reinvigorating age-old motifs, processes, and techniques. Twenty artists whose artistic practice is informed by the past were invited to submit work that is inspired by, responds to, or relates to The Frick Pittsburgh’s collection. The selected works, all of which will have distinct connections to our collection, will make for an engaging installation exploring and illuminating the tensions and dualities between past and present.

The assembled artworks feel simultaneously timeless and familiar yet unexpected. The visual vocabulary borrows from the rich artistic heritage of the 2,000-year-old medium while illuminating diverse issues that range from the contemporary (environmentalism, cross cultural exchange), to the personal (memory, collecting), to the aesthetic (pattern, form, abstraction). The international selection of featured artists includes Dirk Staschke, Bouke de Vries, Stephen Bowers, Paul Scott, Caroline Slotte, Chris Antemann, and Evan Hauser, among others. The exhibition will be staged in the French period room at The Frick Art Museum.



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