British Artist KIM RUGG Shares “A Day In The Life Of Words”


A Day In The Life Of Words, 2016-2018
Ink on paper
60 x 158 inches (150 x 400 cm)

As Kim Rugg explains, “The work titled “A Day In The Life Of Words” is a continuation of the large scale written drawings I have been making. After transcribing a few newspapers I decided to scale it up and see what 24 hours of speech would look like. As with all my work I worked with an existing media. This time BBC Radio 4 – a mostly speech based radio Station. This station has some iconic programs, notably the Shipping forecast, The World  Service, The News, Woman’s hour, The Archers, Desert Island Discs.”


“In the first stage I had to transcribe the broadcast verbatim – featuring all the hesitations, interruptions, and repetitions of the broadcaster. I was working from the playback service. These programs were available for a few weeks after broadcast but not long enough for my needs, so I decided that when I finished transcribing one hour I would move to the program available at the time of commencing the next hour. This means that at around 2 am I was featuring the second Clinton Trump debate of the Presidential campaign, but by midday the time line had progressed and the midday program was by then the announcement of Trump’s election.” 


The artist continues, “I worked on this piece from October 2016 until completion in January 2018. The transcribing filled over 400 pages. These pages were then transcribed into the actual work. Although I was working as uniformly as possible, using the same tool, a Rötring rapidograph pen 0.2mm,throughout, the surface is far from uniform. There is a nuance in the intensity of the grey as the pens ran out of ink or leaked and even wore out. The nature of the speech also caused the texture of the surface to vary. The work is displayed “landscape” even though the writing reads the other way. This allows the words to become a graphic device and marks rather than just words.”

Mark Moore Fine Art is proud to share this work with you now.


I have taken the liberty of placing all the available works by KIM RUGG on our ARTSY website for you to view there. To view this work, go to the following special link I have set up for you:

In addition, here is the link to ur website where to can download a free copy of our STATEMENTS online catalog on the artist:

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