Closing Soon: BEN CHARLES WEINER Exhibition on ARTSY



Mark Moore Fine Art presents Ben Charles WeinerLooks”, featuring four new paintings and four earlier works that serve as precedents, this exclusive ARTSY online exhibition illuminates the artist’s ongoing fascination with the dual motifs of pearls and hair gel closes January 7th.

Weiner’s respective depictions of these subjects- both in isolation and together in tableaux–pair a motif from classical Western painting with a synthetic beauty product–to address tension between the rapid technological innovation of our time and the persistent fact of our mortality.

This exhibition is available now to view at the following special link below:

In addition, check out a brief video interview with Ben Charles Weiner we have posted on YouTube. If you like this video, make sure you share it, too! The video is available for your viewing pleasure at:

Mark Moore Fine Art

Tel: +1.310.266.2283

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