Opening Tomorrow: Joshua Dildine‘s first ever online exhibition titled “You Bring The Salad”

Mark Moore Fine Art is proud to announce Joshua Dildine‘s first ever online exhibition titled “You Bring The Salad” from December 20, 2017 – January 28, 2018 exclusively on ARTSY. This featured show will feature nine exciting new paintings on canvas and works on paper from the artist.

Dildine_Filmy-Album_2017_South and East wall

JOSHUA DILDINE, Filmy Album, 2017 / Acrylic, oil and uv coated ink on canvas in 25 parts / 180 × 744 in / 457.2 × 1889.8 cm For Additional Information

Merging found autobiographical photographs with viciously gestural painting, Joshua Dildine confronts the subject of conventional recollection and familial structure. A fixation shared by society at large, the contemplation of past events and relationships ultimately shapes our psychology moving forward – as a flicker of nostalgia, shame, or glee can be activated by a single sensory cue. With a purposeful cognizance, Dildine mines these memories for the underlying traits that forge our shared humanity: the humor found in the compromising, the endearment found in the aggravating, or the conflict found in the absent. His painterly swaths are as visceral as the family photos they conceal, his vivid palette alluding to the glaring absurdity of our incessant self-analysis and contemplation of the past. In his most recent body of work, Dildine embellishes elements or patterns within the original image in order to create a farcical confrontation with the past – a perspective that is both critical and celebratory. Through this carefully disjointed lens, Dildine creates experiences that are at once present and bygone, and whimsically harnesses nature of our being.


JOSHUA DILDINE, RYRYJOSCO, 2017 / Ink on paper / 24 × 18 in / 61 × 45.7 cm For Additional Information
Dildine (b. 1984, CA), received his MFA from Claremont Graduate University (CA). He has been featured in group exhibitions in Oakland, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Murfreesboro, as well as the Frederick Weisman Museum of Fine Art (CA). His work is included in the public collection of the Sweeney Art Gallery, University of California Riverside (Riverside, CA), The Honolulu Art Museum, and The Museum of Art and History (Lancaster, CA). He was also the recipient of the2010 Claremont Graduate University Award. The artist lives and works in Fresno, CA.

Dildine_2017_UG Hated Bed

JOSHUA DILDINE, UG Hated Bed, 2017 / Acrylic, oil and uv coated ink on canvas / 72 × 80 in / 182.9 × 203.2 cm For Additional Information


I have taken the liberty of placing all available works from this exhibition by Joshua Dildine for your to PREVIEW now in the PRIVATE VIEWING area of our ARTSY website for you to view there. To view this work, go to this special link I have set up for you at:

I cannot recommend this work highly enough. Additional information on this artist, for your reference, can be found on our website or in our free on-line catalog available for download at this link.

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