New Public Sculpture by Tim Bavington Installed at Victory Park in Dallas


We are pleased to announce the installation of a new public sculpture by Tim Bavington, installed at Victory Park in Dallas in October. Bavington’s work translates music into the visual world by assigning color and height to each sound in a composition.


Installed just outside the W Hotel in Victory Park, the artist chose the song ‘Matchbox’ by the Beatles for this sculpture. Originally recorded as ‘Matchbox Blues’ in 1927 by Blind Lemon Jefferson, a native Texan who performed near Deep Ellum in Dallas, Bavington chose the song because of its Texas roots. Bavington, born in the United Kingdom, draws on Texas culture and Dallas history to transform the chords of the song into vibrant bands of colored steel. Through the carefully selected colors and heights in the steel pipes, the artist expresses the melody, translating the aural to the visual. Tim Bavington lives and works in Las Vegas, Nevada and is represented by Mark Moore Fine Art.

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