How You Can Help Those Affected By The California Fires


Wildfires have swept through California, killing at least 15 people and injuring over 100. With thousands of acres burned and the fires still raging, here’s how you can help those affected by the blazes. We were part of the evacuations ourselves this week as part of the #canyon2fire

Facebook has created exclusive Crisis Response Centers for three of the fires — the Sulphur Fire, the Tubbs Fire and the Atlas Fire.

If you want to volunteer to help, you can let the community of the Crisis Response Center know that you’re looking to participate in volunteer efforts.

The Crisis Response Centers also allow people to start a fundraiser or donate to ongoing fundraisers. They also serve as a resource to view information about the wildfires, including local news reports and updates, as well as photos that other Facebook users in the area are posting of the devastation.

The online centers also allow you to check in, letting your Facebook friends know you’re safe if you’re living in the affected areas, or allow you to make sure that your friends in those areas are safe.

To ensure that you’re contributing to established agencies, you can visit an organization like Charity Navigator or GiveWell, which monitor charities, making it easier to determine where to send your money securely.

The American Red Cross is among established relief organizations that are highly rated by Charity Navigator. The Red Cross is working to provide shelter, food and comfort to those that had to flee their neighborhoods in the affected wildfire areas.

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