Highly Recommended: John Bauer Exhibition on ARTSY

2015 BSOD install 1

Mark Moore Fine Art presents an exclusive online ARTSY exhibition on view now through October 8, 2017 by Los Angeles painter JOHN BAUER. 

Merging the authentic signifiers of abstraction, the reproducibility of pop, and the graphic starkness of design, John Bauer’s canvases set up planes where visual language is refracted, confused, and reconstructed into disjointed, antagonistic compositions. Beginning each painting with a low-tech computer drawing, Bauer develops his work through a complicated process incorporating hands-off painting techniques such as stenciling, silk-screening and spraying that translate digitized graphics towards sublime fields of painterly abstraction. The concentration of his replicated gestures aggregate as veneers of suggestive descriptions, as if condensing multiple film frames into one overall composition. Alluding to external environment as much as internal psychological state, Bauer uses the monochromatic palette associated with photography and the pixilated effect of print media to heighten the sense of virtuality and information overload. His images exude a frenetic, apocalyptic energy reflective of urban experience.

2015 BSOD install3

John Bauer – Vulture Magazine
For the past 150 years, pretty consistently, art movements moved in thrilling but unmysterious ways. They’d build on the inventions of several extraordinary artists or constellations of artists, gain followings, become what we call a movement or a school, influence everything around them, and then become diluted as they were taken up by more and more derivative talents. Soon younger artists would rebel against them, and the movement would fade out. This happened with Impressionism, Postimpressionism, and Fauvism, and again with Abstract Expressionism after the 1950s. In every case, always, the most original work led the way. – Jun 17, 2014
John Bauer – ArtScene Magazine
While John Bauer’s canvasses, as large as 90 x 102 inches, contain hints of abstract expressionism, his creative process marries digital manipulation with traditional stenciling, spraying, rolling, brushing and printing, much of the hand work influenced by German post-war painting. – Oct 12, 2013

John Bauer – The Huffington Post
John Bauer, Angel of Light Eternity is both endless time and timelessness. It is a contradiction; it is a riddle. It is that which exists outside of our space-time reality, and by definition outside of our understanding and our consciousness. When we live so firmly ensnared in this self-consciousness reality, how do we fathom the unfathomable? – Sep 19, 2013

2015 BSOD install 2

John Bauer (b. 1971 San Diego, California) received a BA in Studio Art in 1993 from the University of California in Santa Barbara, California. Selected solo exhibitions include: Perry Rubenstein Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (2013); Patricia Low Contemporary, Geneva, Switzerland (2010); Galleri SE, Bergen, Norway (2009); Gallery Van Bau, Vestfossen, Norway (2009); Maruani & Noirhomme, Knokke, Belgium (2008); solo presentation Art Brussels with Patricia Low Contemporary, Brussels, Belgium (2008); Patricia Low Contemporary in Gstaad, Switzerland (2007); John Bauer at Bellwether Gallery in New York (2007); Free-Floating Anxiety at Bellwether Gallery in New York (2003); and New Oils at Clementine Gallery in New York (1998).

Selected group exhibitions include Abstract America: New Art from the US, Saatchi Gallery, London, England (2009); New York’s Finest at Canada Gallery in New York (2005); Grotto II at Jessica Murray Projects in Brooklyn (2004); and Hello Chelsea at Bellwether Gallery in New York. He is represented by Patricia Low Contemporary, Switzerland. John Bauer lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.

If you would like to have a Special Private Viewing of this exclusive online exhibition by this very exciting and telented artists, please take a look on our ARTSY website now and you can review everything available at this time. To view this work, go to the following special link I have set up for you: https://www.artsy.net/mark-moore-gallery/shows

For more information on this artist and the Mark Moore Fine Art program please check out our website: www.markmoorefineart.com

You can find additional available works by this artist and prices on our ARTSY website: www.artsy.net/mark-moore-gallery

Please note that all work is available subject to prior sale and prices are subject to change without notice. All taxes, tariffs, shipping and/or viewing expenses, if any, would be additional.

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