Artist Mark Bennett explores the architecture of pop culture on NPR Radio


Image: Mark Bennett, Home of Norman Bates (Psycho) / original drawing

Artist Mark Bennett has been celebrating the fictional world of TV sitcoms for decades, with painstakingly hand-drawn fantasy plans of the homes from Leave it to Beaver, The Brady Bunch and more. Check out the artist discussing his work in a recent interview on National Public Radio by clicking on the following link:

Artist Mark Bennett has always had a fascination with fictional homes.

Often, when he watches a movie, he counts the number of steps a character takes inside a certain room, then approximates the room’s square footage. Afterwards, he puts it to paper, meticulously drawing fantasy architectural plans of the structure.

After seeing Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho,” he drafted a seemingly real plan of the Bates Motel’s twelve cabins.

“It includes the swamp behind, and up in the left corner on the hillside is the original Norman Bates’ and his mother’s mansion, which is a Victorian, gothic two-story with a basement,” Bennett says.

“Home of Mr. Norman Bates” will be one of the many drawings on display at the Mark Moore Gallery as part of “Dream Houses – The Blueprint Drawings 1992-2017,” Bennett’s upcoming solo exhibition on ARTSY.

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