Jeffry Mitchell “The Salt-Fired Works 2017” Exclusive ARTSY Online Exhibition Opens Today

For the past 25 years, Jeffry Mitchell has approached his artistic exploration of the shared human experiences of love, death, sex, and spiritual trial and redemption with sincerity and intuitive intelligence. His newest body of work is now featured at Mark Moore Fine Art as an exclusive ARTSY online exhibition opening today.

Vire this presentation of five new works from his most recent series of Salt-Fired Ceramics at:


JEFFRY MITCHELL‘s art radiates with a charming appeal, marked by an exuberant abundance of forms, materials, and techniques. From his earliest experiments with resin and paper to his extended engagement with ceramics and his latest multi-part installations, Mitchell has consistently investigated the decorative and the theatrical and blurred distinctions between art, craft, and functionality.

Mitchell has developed a distinctive visual language full of symbolic characters like alphabet primers, flowers, elephants, bears, and other flora and fauna. What might first appear as child-like sweetness or nostalgic sentimentality quickly gives way to complex emotional content and deeper narratives that touch upon his identity as a creative artist and gay man as well as his working class Catholic background. Mitchell also responds to specific aspects of the history of art, craft, and visual culture. He fashions sophisticated twists on sources as diverse as Chinese funerary sculpture, folk art, Russian Constructivism, watercolor nature illustrations, and modernist assemblage.


Mitchell’s work can be found in numerous private and public collections including the Museum of Fine Art Houston, the Tang Museum, the Crocker Art Museum, Seattle Art Museum, Philadelphia Art Museum, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Philadelphia Art Museum, Fogg Art Museum (Harvard University), Honolulu Museum of Art, Tacoma Art Museum, and the Portland Art Museum.


In addition, I have taken the liberty of placing all available work on the Mark Moore Fine Art ARTSY webpage for easy reference. You can find all the details and images of all the Mitchell works currently available at:

Finally, you will find a superb essay on the work of Jeffry Mitchell currently featured in the ARTSY WRITER Section of the website. You can check out this wonderful look at the work of Jeffry Mitchell by art writer Jen Graves at the following link:




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