“The Archaeology of False Idols – Mundane as Medium in Wolberger’s Cowboys & Indians” by Mark Mian

Check out the exceptional essay by critic and writer Mark Mian posted on ARTSY on the work of Yoram Wolberger titled The Archaeology of False Idols – Mundane as Medium in Wolberger’s Cowboys & Indians”.

Wolberger_Indian_CHIEF_1_2005 copy

“Wolberger’s body of work encompasses a variety of everyday objects; toys, models, appliances, furniture. His method is the painstaking manipulation of these iconic artifacts. Grossly enlarging, dissecting or reconstructing them, he overthrows their utilitarian context to expose associations normally concealed by their continuity with the environment. His pieces are at times ironic and personal, even tender, while at others they are highly critical.

Transformed beyond their expected appearance, construction or functioning, Wolberger’s arrestingly mutated objects stimulate renewed contemplation of their ideological origins and significance. Typically, his sculptural interventions employ three principal approaches for evicting viewers from their comfort zone of habituated perception.” – Mark Mian

Your can view this exhibition now on our ARTSY website by clicking here.

More information on Wolberger and his work can be found on our ARTSY artist page at:  https://www.artsy.net/mark-moore-gallery/artist/yoram-wolberger

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