Exclusive ARTSY On-line Exhibition by KENICHI YOKONO Open Now

As one of the most noted figures of Japan’s ubiquitous manga and anime culture of the so called “Cool Japan”, Kenichi Yokono has been making his unique brand of art using traditional woodblock cutting techniques to question in his very own, eccentric manner the way of life of Japanese suburbia for over Twenty Years.

Mark Moore Fine Art now focuses on this highly-acclaimed talent with an Exclusive ARTSY on-line exhibition.
“Yokono’s dazzling work merges the playful and the dire, the upbeat graphic punch of cartoons with dark Expressionist urgency. Yokono carves woodblocks as if for printing, painting the raised surfaces cherry red and the rest a crisp white. Raw, vibrant and irreverent, the works have one foot in the pop-dominated present and the other in the tradition-bound past.”

“Several of the sculptural paintings are in the shape of skateboards, and the spectacular centerpiece of the show, “Fling Mac,” takes the form of a folded screen. The trademark golden arches blast upward within this four-panel landscape, a radioactive wonderland of ebullience and postapocalyptic toxicity.”

– Art Critic Leah Ollman, Los Angeles Times

For more information on this and other artists we have work with please go to our website: www.markmoorefineart.com

You can find additional available works by this artist and prices on our ARTSY website: www.artsy.net/mark-moore-gallery




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