Zemer Peled Awarded 2017 SELECTS at Art Palm Springs

Last month MMFA Artist Zemer Peled showed her work as part of Art Palm Springs, where her sculpture titled Dusk, 2016 was chosen as one of the 2017 SELECTS. The SELECTS are works chosen for special recognition among those works shown at the art fair by a committee of noted curators, designers, and critics to be highlighted by Art Palm Springs as must-see works. The committee included: Palm Springs Art Museum Chief Curator Katherine Hough, collector Beth Rudin DeWoody, architect Lance O’Donnell and designers Christopher Kennedy and Dann Foley, among others. Here’s what they had to say about Dusk.


“This sculpture has such a beautiful integrity to it. I find it mesmerizing, an object I’d walk around over and over again to study its many intricacies. Art is all about engagement, and this work captures my curiosity. I was even more impressed to learn that the artist is a mere 32 years old. She has one bright future ahead of her!” – Veronica M. Fernandez, Fine Art Advising Services

“Zemer Peled’s, Dusk, sculpture has a visual texture that reminds us of a Nick Cave sound suit that we featured on our blog in 2016. The immense tactility tempts the viewer to touch it and the reduced black and white palette is settling considering how active the surface is. It has unexpected details seen in ceramics that provide a unique and fascinating mix between contemporary sculpture with a tribal or primitive motif.” – Julian Lombardi,
 Contemporary Art Digest

For more information on Zemer Peled and her work contact: mark@markmooregallery.com



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