First Look: New Work in the studio of Tim Bavington

I wanted to share the images of the following new works by artist TIM BAVINGTON just completed in the artist’s studio today. There are some wonderful   new paintings here – please take a look. The images and particulars are below:


TIM BAVINGTON Wildwood Flower, 2017 / Acrylic on canvas, two panels / 64 x 64 inches

Music is the genesis of Tim Bavington’s work. Through synthetic polymer paint, Bavington acts as a translator between the aural and the visual as he transforms guitar solos, melodies and bass lines into vertical bands of color. Tracks from bands such as The Darkness, Oasis and The Rolling Stones become vibrant bands of color, and bridge compositional concepts between seemingly unlike disciplines. Although Bavington has a method that designates sound to color and composition, the paintings are not literal translations; they remain open to intuition and decision-making, allowing for a distinct artistic presence.

“[His] painting is to normal aesthetic sensibility what crack cocaine is to mint tea….not so much like neon lights as they are what neon lights dream of growing up to be.” – The New Yorker Magazine


TIM BAVINGTON Dying of the Light, 2017 / Acrylic on canvas / 24 x 72 inches

Tim Bavington (b. 1966, England) received his BFA from the Art Center (CA) before making the permanent move to Las Vegas, where he completed his MFA at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (NV). His work is included in the public collections of Fredrick R. Weisman Collection (CA), Albright-Knox Art Gallery (NY), Creative Artists Agency (CA), Joslyn Art Museum (NE), Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego (CA), Portland Art Museum (OR), United Talent Agency (CA), Vivendi Universal (CA), Palm Springs Art Museum (CA), Denver Art Museum (CO) and The Museum of Modern Art (NY). He has exhibited at LeeAhn Gallery (Daegu), Jack Shainman Gallery (NY), Galerie Jean-Luc & Takako Richard (Paris), Space Gallery (London), Museum of Fine Arts (MA), Laguna Art Museum (CA), and the Texas Fine Arts Center (TX), among others.


TIM BAVINGTON White Room, 2017 / Acrylic on canvas, two panels / 12 x 112 inches

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“There’s little question that these paintings have a musical quality, as many abstract paintings do. What’s more, the works, and their titles, reflect a younger artist’s unapologetic aesthetic sensibility that includes pop, rock, and mod in its source material, not to mention Vegas Baroque and Marfa Minimalism, Dan Flavin, Kenneth Noland, bar codes, Bridget Riley, psychedelia, electronic, Ed Ruscha, test patterns, screen savers, Hang Ten T-shirts, Saturday Night Fever disco floors, and the communication sequences in Close Encounters of the Third Kind. And like that drink that didn’t sound so good when you heard the ingredients but turned out to warrant another round, Bavington’s paintings, at their best, show that even the funky and often -maligned spirits on which his generation was weaned make for fine cocktails when properly poured.” – Art Critic Christopher Miles, ARTFORUM

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