Julie Opperman featured in “Interference” at NURTUREart (Brooklyn)

Mark Moore Fine Art artist JULIE OPPERMANN was recently featured in the exhibition Interference at NURTUREart in Brooklyn.


Image: Julie Oppermann, moire 1203 (2012) / acrylic on canvas / 72 x 96 inches

NURTUREart presents Interference, curated by Steven Salzman and featuring artistsJohnny AbrahamsJohn AslanidisDaniel HillGilbert HsiaoJulie Oppermann and Jessica RosnerInterference explores the physical phenomena of the superposition of two or more waves resulting in a new wave pattern. Waves of air, sound and electro-magnetism—and their subsequent interference patterns—permeate our environment. These phenomena surround, bombard and penetrate our bodies continuously. The artists in this exhibit explore these omnipresent patterns as a visual motifs, including hard-edge geometry, gestural improvisation, and handwriting. Inspirational sources include optics, physics, music and meditation. The ensemble of works on view grasp the pervasive hum of interference radiation to capture and re-present it as analysis visually and poetically.

For more information on Julie Oppermann and the works MMFA has available please contact: mark@markmoorefineart.com

#markmoorefineart #julieoppermann #interference



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