ARTSY NEWS: Current Trends in Contemporary Ceramic Art

Check out the article on CURRENT TRENDS IN CONTEMPORARY CERAMIC ART on our ARTSY NEWS page posted today which includes links to two video interviews on artist Jeffry Mitchell and Zemer Peled with new works featured by Meghan Smythe.


Image: Meghan Smythe, A Light Culture, 2015; ceramic, glaze, resin, epoxy, and plasticine; 70 x 50 x 60 inches

@mehgansmythe is also currently featured in the exhibition titled PROCESS curated by Matthew Gardocki at the Barrick Museum at the University of Nevada Las Vegas which continues through May 13, 2017. This exhibition will also include works by: Julie Oppermann; Christopher Duncan; John Bauer; Lester Monzon; Kim Rugg; Kara Joslyn; Heidi Schwegler; Meghan Smythe; Christopher Russell, along with Ryan Wallace. Each of the artist’s process of creation is brought to the forefront in the exhibition. While some of the work seems very immediate visually the artists process is actually quite extensive in getting to the final image. Highlighted are the artist’s use of materials including the sun and time to create abstractions while others use computers and man made materials.

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