New Editions Released by Ben Charles Weiner

Mark Moore Fine Art is pleased to announce the released of a new edition by artist Ben Charles Weiner released today.


By photographing luxurious ephemera at close range, then using the resulting image as his subject, Ben Charles Weiner creates works that pose a confusion of object, subject and medium. The disorienting imagery in such works reflects a blurred boundary between the human and the technological. In Gel Monochrome Variations, Weiner digitally stretches an image derived from one of his paintings of hair gel to create a variety of different compositions. Weiner received his BA from Wesleyan University, CT. His work has been shown nationally and internationally in galleries and museums, and is in public collections including Sammlung/Collection (Germany), the Progressive Collection (OH), the Frederick R. Weisman Foundation Collection (CA), and the Microsoft Collection (WA). He lives and works in Queens, NY.

Gel Monochrome Variations #1-3, 2016, is Ben Charles Weiner’s first edition with Tempe Digital. Weiner digitally manipulates an image derived from one of his hair gel paintings to create three distinct variations. Gel Monochrome Variations continues Weiner’s exploration of body enhancement, and the blurred boundary between the human and the technological.

Tempe Digital‘s limited edition prints and contemporary art textbooks have involved collaborations with artists including Jonas Wood, Alex Olson, Cory Arcangel, Jessica Labatte, Takeshi Murata, Chuck Close, Holly Coulis, Brian Alfred, Kevin Appel, Petra Cortright, and Ridley Scott, among many others.

To order for to the Temp Digital website here.

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