New Work by Josh Azzarella

MMFA is very pleased to announce a recently released work by new media artist Josh Azzarella.


Image: Josh Azzarella, Untitled #137 (What better place than here? What better time than now?) Iteration 3, 2003-16 
Raspberry Pi Model B, 1K resistor, 2.2pF ceramic cap, 10pF ceramic cap, custom software, sound files, handheld radio. Ed. 1/3

In the days immediately following the September 11th attacks Clear Channel Communications distributed a memo to the more than 1100 terrestrial radio stations they owned. The memo contained a list of what were termed “lyrically questionable” songs and the stations were instructed to cease playing them. Clear Channel Communications has denied that such a memo exists.

The list of songs reported to be on the memo has changed since the time of its release. No one is certain of who may have made additions and or deletions, but theses songs can be identified when comparing versions of the document.

This work is constructed of songs from all known versions of the document. The work consists of 165 songs that are included on all versions of the document, 8 disputed songs, and the entire Rage Against the Machine catalog of 45 songs. 218 tracks total.

When the computer is started an FM frequency is randomly chosen to broadcast on. Once the computer has been broadcasting for 60 minutes it reboots at ann unspecified time within the next 30 minutes and randomly chooses a new frequency to broadcast on.

For more information, contact us at:

#markmoorefineart #joshazzarella

More information abut the list of songs:

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