Andrew Schoultz in Southland at Charlie James Gallery

Andrew Schoultz is part of the exhibition Southland, at Charlie James Gallery.

Southland” is curated by Patrick Martinez, and includes works by Sadie Barnette, Sandow Birk, Gregory Bojorquez, Kenturah Davis, Gajin Fujita, Gary Garay, Ramiro Gomez, Lauren Halsey, Kysa Johnson, Nery Gabriel Lemus, Star Montana, Kaz Oshiro, Kenton Parker, Hilary Pecis, Umar Rashid, Joe Prime Reza, Shizu Saldamando, Andrew Schoultz, Ana Serrano, Mario Ybarra Jr, Zes and José Delgado Zúñiga.

Growing up in the Los Angeles area, curator and artist Patrick Martinez has long been fascinated with the geography and culture of greater Los Angeles. Martinez’s eye concerns itself less with Hollywood and the West Side, the areas of LA commonly exported to the rest of the country, and more with pockets of the city such as the San Gabriel Valley, the East Side of Los Angeles, North East LA, the Harbor Area, San Bernardino, the High Desert, and DTLA. For Southland, Martinez has recruited artists native to Los Angeles, from different parts of the city, as well as transplants to LA, and asked them to make work about their relationship to the city.

Southland will run from July 23rd through the end of August. The gallery will be open normal hours 12-5 Wednesday to Sunday during the run of the show.



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