Allison Schulnik in ‘Memory Theater’ at Upfor (OR)

Gallery artist Allison Schulnik is part of ‘Memory Theater,’ a project by Srijon Chowdhury at Upfor. The show features works by Arnar Asgeirsson, Jack Bangerter, Sarah Burns, Alexander Collins, Scott Cowan, Katy Cowan (Cherry and Martin), Liz Craft, Zoe Crosher, Roy Dowell, Alec Egan, Grace Eunchong, Andreas Gurewich, Regina Herod, India Lawrence (Ginerva Gambino), Ellen Lesperance (Adams & Ollman), Sofia Londono, Jason Bailer Losh (Anat Ebgi), Anna Margaret, Erin Morrison, Kori Newkirk, Jorunn Hanke Ogstad, Pablo Picasso, Fay Ray, Charlie Roberts (MacCaulay & Co. Fine Art), Allison Schulnik (Mark Moore Gallery), Brian Strandberg, Katie Thoma and Dani Tull.

Click here for more information about the exhibition.


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