Allison Schulnik’s “Hoof” Closes Feb. 20

“Hoof,” the current solo exhibition by Allison Schulnik, will close on Saturday, February 20.

The first Los Angeles solo exhibition by Schulnik in nearly four years was met with strong preview support from Arrested Motion, CalArts Blog, and Artsy Editorial, which did an extensive interview feature with the artist in her studio. Says writer Rachel Will:

“Cats don’t only make appearances at Schulnik’s studio but also in her latest exhibition ‘Hoof’ at Mark Moore Gallery. One of the paintings in the show, ‘Lady with Cat’ (2015), is derived from a photo of Schulnik holding her own cat, reimagined with haunting eyes and a morose color palette of black, dark browns, and blues, typical of her oeuvre. But beyond cats, her paintings are inhabited by centaurettes, unicorns, and mermaids—not those of Disney films and children’s books but rather of nightmares and fairy tales gone awry. Her work portrays seemingly vulnerable heroines, ensconced in fields of pastel wildflowers, imbued with a quiet grace and strength.”

“Hoof” was also selected by critic Catherine Wagley as one of her “5 Must-See Shows in Los Angeles.” In her humorous assessment of the show, Wagley writes:

“The best two things about Allison Schulnik’s show at Mark Moore Gallery are nipples and cats. Schulnik’s painted and ceramic figures — all female, long-haired, loosely rendered and wild-looking (some are half-woman, half-horse centaurettes) — tend to have the most remarkable, pink, tube-like nipples at the ends of their breasts. They’re like weapons, guns that could go off. And then there are the cats, vulnerable and silly while the women are fierce. Writhing Boochie is a black ceramic cat lying on its back on a pink pedestal, looking like a diva who’s sick of being pretty.”

For information about the artist or available works, please email the gallery, and we will accommodate your needs. The gallery’s next exhibition will open on Thursday, February 25, from 6-8:30pm; featuring new work by Jason Salavon in the main gallery, and Lester Monzon in Gallery Two.


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