Stephanie Washburn at Torrance Art Museum (CA)

Gallery artist Stephanie Washburn is in Sibling Rivalries, a group show up now at Torrance Art Museum.

Sibling Rivalries is  a group exhibition of work by 14 artists based in Los Angeles and 14 from New York City. Curators Ashley Garrett and Max Presneill invited emerging and experimental art spaces in the New York area to nominate fourteen emerging New York artists. These fourteen New York artists then chose fourteen corresponding Los Angeles artists whose work spoke to, inspired and/or informed their own practices.

Taking as its point of departure the historic competition between the East and West coasts, Sibling Rivalries transforms the traditional “competitive” understanding of the term. In this exhibition, “sibling rivalry” expands to encompass a dynamic interaction between art practices occurring in the two primary art and culture production centers of the United States. Here the tensions of East Coast / West Coast rivalry illuminate contrasting approaches to mutual concerns.

Click here to learn more about the exhibition.



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