Christopher Russell to speak at Photo LA

Gallery artist Christopher Russell will speak at Photo LA as part of a panel titled, ” ALT Process, Artists Working in Alternative Practices.”

Moderated by: Virginia Heckert
Curator, Department of Photographs, The J. Paul Getty Museum

Fuelled in part by the digital revolution and its increasingly ubiquitous technologies for producing and disseminating images, many photographic artists choose to experiment with alternative processes that provide opportunities for hands-on engagement with the materials of the medium. Whether revived from previous centuries of photographic invention and discovery, informed by scientific collaboration, or borrowed from other arts, these alternative processes have the capacity to imbue the medium of photography with a new vigor. Virginia Heckert, Photographs Curator and Department Head at the J. Paul Getty Museum and curator of last year’s Light, Paper, Process: Reinventing Photography exhibition, will moderate a panel of artists who have embraced alternative processes in their work.


Matthew Brandt, Artist
Mary Beth Heffernan, Artist, Associate Professor, Art History and Visual Arts, Occidental College
Sheila Pinkel, Professor Emerita, Art and Art History Program, Pomona College
Christopher Russell, Artist

Click here for more information on the talk.

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