The Moore’s donate to the Ace Museum (Los Angeles)

Mark & Hilarie Moore and arts Patron Cecilia Dan have jointly donated a major 136 inch square work by acclaimed minimalist painter Mary Corse to The Ace Museum (Los Angeles) on behalf of and memory of arts patron Henry Segerstrom who passed away this year.

Ace Museum is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating through the exhibition of contemporary art. Ace Museum researches and executes unique exhibitions addressing a full range of artistic media, as well as exhibiting high caliber traveling exhibitions that may not otherwise be shown in Los Angeles. Ace Museum is committed to providing Los Angeles with an alternative exhibition experience and dynamic programs focused on increasing the audience’s capacity to engage with significant and challenging works, while fostering relationships with partner institutions to expand local, national, and international contemporary art and culture.


Mary Corse, Untitled (Black Light Arch), 1986, Glass Microspheres In Acrylic On Canvas, 138 x 136 inches

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