Joshua Dildine in Art Pulse Magazine

Gallery artist Joshua Dildine has a new review of his recent solo show at Freight + Volume in the current issue of Art Pulse Magazine.

Reviewer Keren Moscovitch writes:

“Joshua Dildine’s astute solo exhibition at Freight + Volume addresses issues of memory, the archive, family dynamics and technology. An examination of the ways his work leaps off the wall and enters our consciousness may help elucidate the discourse it provokes. In short, to see a Dildine on the wall of a gallery is to look at a painting—a sensitively gestural work of art that reveals its process below the surface of its brush strokes and saturates the viewer’s field of vision with color, action and surface.”

Click here to read the review in it’s entirety.

For more information about the artist or available works, please email

Imagination is Always the Winner (2013)

Jean Shin TEDx Talk

Gallery artist Jean Shin has a new TEDx talk available now on YouTube. In her talk, “Truths Told Through Art,” Shin offers insight into the art making process and engages the audience in the collective truths we experience as a society. The presentation shares behind-the-scene stories of individuals the artist has met in various communities while making art in the public realm.

Watch the video below or on YouTube.

Holiday Hours

This Thanksgiving, Mark Moore Gallery is thankful for its wonderful staff. Given that, the gallery will be closed November 26-30 with normal business hours resuming on Tuesday, December 1 (11am-6pm).

Our concurrent exhibitions, “Art Culver City Los Angeles” and David’s Ryan’s“Ghost Strokes” will remain on view through Saturday, December 19, 2015. We look forward to seeing you in December!


Featured: Clayton Brothers in Artsy Editorial

Gallery artists and siblings, The Clayton Brothers are featured in a new Artsy Editorial, “For These 10 Contemporary Artists, Art Runs in the Family” by Kat Herriman.

“Collaboration comes organically to the Clayton Brothers, a painterly twosome who like to improvise in tandem. The brothers take turns working on a piece—reacting intuitively to the other’s additions. The resulting sculptures and paintings convey their push-pull process through a circus of comic surrealism and a repetition of symbols, patterns, and themes. Intertwining their wills through form, the brothers engage the nature of communication. “

Click here to read the article.


Featured Works: Bob Roberts

The gallery is pleased to present new works by legendary underground artist and tattooer, Bob Roberts. These pieces can be viewed by visiting the gallery’s “Featured Works” page on the website.

Bob Roberts makes intense watercolors on paper – creating dense, fanatically detailed compositions that draw from traditional American tattoo flash, Tibetan thangkas paintings, and outlaw motorcycle imagery. His most recent works are inspired by artists like John Altoon, Phillip Guston, H.C. Westerman, and comic legends Rick Griffin and R. Crumb, as well as surf culture, and classical Chinese and Japanese painting.

His enigmatic icons combine humorous meditations on violence, sexuality, and beauty, and are rendered with a sophisticated mastery of materials. Roberts challenges himself with a system of irreversible marks, as opposed to the corrections and over-painting of Western traditions, but with the simultaneous precision of his tattoo-artist hand. His work was the foundation of the much-acclaimed traveling museum exhibition “Eye Tattooed America” in 1993, and has been featured in numerous shows focused on mark-making and American Pop Culture.

Roberts’ experiences as a musician, biker, and iconoclast flavors his personal work. As a saxophonist, he was part of the milieu of Frank Zappa, in addition to playing with Ruben and the Jets, Hot Tuna, the New York Dolls, and the Offs. He first started professionally tattooing in 1973, while concurrently making his artwork, and is the founder of the famed Spotlight Tattoo in Los Angeles. His paintings have largely enjoyed an underground reputation as a living legend among the international body art community.

For more information about the artist or available works, please email

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