Penelope Umbrico: A Proposal and Two Trades, to start

A new essay about gallery artist Penelope Umbrico is out now in Circulation| Exchange and Medium. The piece, written by Kate Palmer Albers, details and contextualizes Umbrico’s project “A Proposal and Two Trades.”

In the essay Albers writes:

“A Proposal and Two Trades” is as elegantly simple as its title suggests yet the project reveals the complexity of how we read, make, exchange, consume, and circulate photographic images today, both as everyday practice and into artworld circles. It is a complexity that largely goes unnoticed as our habits slowly shift to accommodate the vast changes in casual image making over the last decade. But by breaking it down into collaborative components that appear over time in a variety of viewing venues, “A Proposal and Two Trades” neatly embodies the particular nuances of our contemporary image-scape. Its various iterations evoke the movement of images today through physical and digital spaces, the newly possible connections among strangers that our culture’s technologies allow and suggest, and the uncomfortable edges of the art world market and the less-commodifiable exchanges these deeply corporate devices and platforms enable.

Click here to read the essay in its’ entirety.

For more information about the artist or available work, please email


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