David Maisel interviewed by Photogrvphy

A new interview with gallery artist David Maisel is now up on Photogrvphy.com. In the interview, Maisel discusses his first experiences with aerial photography, his inspirations, and his future plans.

My first experience with aerial photography was in 1983. I was invited by my professor, the photographer Emmet Gowin, to accompany him on an expedition to the volcano Mount St Helens, which had erupted several years earlier. The aerial vantage point permitted views of the transformed earth which would never have been attainable from the ground. What fascinated and astonished and troubled me most was not the aftermath of the volcano, but the clearcutting of the area by the logging industry. That experience set the course for much of my future work of looking at what I call synthetic landscapes, that is, sites that have been transformed by human intervention.

Read the full interview here.

For more information about the artist or available work, please email info@markmooregallery.com.

The Lake Project 13, 2002

The Lake Project 13, 2002

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