Julie Heffernan at Wave Hill (NY)

Gallery artist Julie Heffernan – whose work is currently on view at the gallery through June 13, 2015 – will be included in “Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath – Force of Nature” at Wave Hill (NY). The exhibition runs from June 7 – September 7, 2015, with an opening reception from 2-4:30pm on June 7th.

Says the curator:

As part of “Seven Deadly Sins,” a collaborative series of exhibitions being presented by  the seven arts institutions that comprise the Fairfield Westchester Museum Alliance. Wave Hill is exploring the concept of wrath as it relates to times of environmental uncertainty, with paintings and sculpture by artists who have a long-term interest in depicting cataclysmic forces. Exhibiting artists include  Diane Burko, Brian Adam Douglas,Angela Dufresne, Julie Heffernan, Amer Kobasilja, Kent Monkman,Tameka Norris, Brian Novatny, David Opdyke, Anne Peabody, Jon Rappleye and Alexis Rockman.

In the wake of more frequent tsunamis, hurricanes, floods, droughts and forest fires, the idea of a greater emotion. Faced with these uncontrollable forces, gardens like Wave Hill become sanctuaries.

This exhibition features contemporary artists who are concerned with “the wrath of nature.” The show will emphasize, though not exclusively, painterly depictions of natural disaster, often in an expressive tone or in an allegorical frame. Whether the selected artists focus on emotional states or respond to recent events, they explore the precariousness of the contemporary world.

We are exhibiting artists who have a long-term interest in picturing cataclysmic forces: Diane Burko, Brian Adam Douglas, Angela Dufresne, Julie Heffernan, Amer Kobaslija, Kent Monkman, Tameka Norris, Brian Novatny, David Opdyke, Anne Peabody, Jon Rappleye and Alexis Rockman. This exhibition also features public programs including artist talks, film screenings, wellness workshops and regular tours. 

Wrath–Force of Nature is part of a multi-institution presentation of the “Seven Deadly Sins” organized by the Fairfield Westchester Museum Alliance, each member museum will present an exhibition and programs exploring one particular sin. Our collaborators include the Aldrich Museum (sloth), Bruce Museum (pride), Hudson River Museum (envy), Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art (lust), Katonah Museum (gluttony), and Neuberger Museum (greed).  

For more information about the artist or available work, please email info@markmooregallery.com.

SP Gathering Christmas Tree 68x66


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