Penelope Umbrico at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum (CT)

The gallery is pleased to announce Penelope Umbrico‘s upcoming solo project at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum (CT), “Shallow Sun,” which opens on Sunday, May 3, 2015, and will remain on view through October 25, 2015.

The project is part of the museum’s grand-scale semester theme, “Circumstance.” Curated by Richard Klein,  the museum will highlight inspiration and its influence across object-making, through the specifically commissioned work of six multi-generational artists, including Umbrico. Says Klein:

The exhibition will underscore the intersection of installation art and exhibition design, and show how the convergence of fine art, design, and non-art objects within the exhibition format informs and elucidates creative expression. For six months, the entire museum facility—whose distinctive galleries range from the intimate to the spacious—will be transformed into “rooms” designed by the exhibiting artists, which will “read” as total works of art as they show their own work alongside objects and/or artworks by other artists they have selected. In some instances, works may extend outside of the Museum’s walls, providing alternative ways of perceiving space by offering extended lines of sight across the campus. In doing so, “Circumstance” attempts to explore the interstices where art and object come together, come apart, and reunify, by examining context, its many shifts and permutations, and tracing the movement of art and objects from the studio to the museum.

Umbrico’s dedicated gallery show within the museum, titled “Shallow Sun,” places her practice in the continuum of the evolving history of photographic imagery. The Museum’s camera obscura will become a starting point to explore the technologies of both analog and digital reproduction and how we are at a point where light—traditionally the most central element of photography—has become disembodied from the natural world, experienced solely through the screen via digital algorithms that replicate our nostalgia for it. 

For more information about the artist or available works, please email

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