Penelope Umbrico in WIRED Magazine

Gallery artist Penelope Umbrico was recently featured in WIRED Magazine for her new media-based photography.

Says writer Jakob Schiller:

Penelope Umbrico’s work is to classical photography as hip hop is to soul, blues and jazz music: a giant remix.

It starts with her using an iPhone to take photos of classic images of mountains shot by the likes of Henry Cartier-Bresson and Edward Weston. Next, she chooses from the many photography apps on her iPhone and runs her photos through almost every filter. She’ll process her photos several hundred times. From 19 original photos, she’s created 6,000 images for Range.

The project and corresponding book is a technicolor mashup of old and new photography, harkening to the masters while having the punchy “pop” of Instagram. Umbrico chose to re-photograph mountains because they represent stability, while photography, she feels, is the opposite. New technology—like her iPhone and the apps she uses—has the genre in constant flux. “Photography is always changing, but I do think right now is a particularly amazing moment,” she says.

To read the full article, click here. Exemplary works from this series can be viewed by visiting Umbrico’s most recent exhibition page. For more information about the artist or available works, please email


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