Lester Monzon at MAINSITE Contemporary

Paintings by gallery artist Lester Monzon are currently on view at MAINSITE Contemporary (OK) in the group show, “Abstract Abstract.” Also featuring work by Josh Aster, Elise Dietrich, David Kelley, Chris Kuhn, Jacob Melchi, Ellen Moershel, Brad Stevens, Greta Svalberg, and Sungwon Yun, the show was curated by Tim Stark, and will remain on view through March 13, 2015. Says the gallery:

Abstraction is often thought of as the the movement that changed modernism through visually and physically breaking down the constructs of classical and early modernist art. It also responded to the rapidly developing world and changed the way in which people viewed and understood art and their surroundings. As a result, abstraction began to grow in popularity and size. Abstract paintings, not bound by the constraints typical of representational artwork, were only limited by the relative limitations of the paint and the surface being used. The trend of unbound abstraction, a perfect example of the modernist montra “art for art’s sake,” expanded throughout the duration of the modernist era and resulted in an almost fetishistic obsession with extra large scale works.
While most contemporary artists are no longer satisfied with making art simply for the sake of art, abstraction is still a major element in the contemporary art world. This is, in part, due to its inherent ability to directly respond to a constantly changing world and an ever more complicated human condition. In contemporary painting this focus on elements of culture as well as art history, medium, and surface has allowed abstraction to continue to evolve. One of the fantastic results of this evolution is abstraction’s return to the small scale painting.
Challenging by nature, small scale works offer the artists the ability to work quickly and decisively, while giving a focus on craft and detail that is rarely seen in extra large abstraction. They also give the viewer an intimate experience and a revealing look into the process and creation of the work. Abstract Abstract is an exhibition, displaying over 40 works by 11 artists from across the country, that serves to spotlight the breadth and depth of small scale abstraction in contemporary painting.

For more information about Lester Monzon, or available works by the artist, please email info@markmooregallery.com.


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