Tim Bavington Acquired by MAC Buenos Aires

The gallery is very proud to announce the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Buenos Aires‘ acquisition of “518 Beats” (2011) by Tim Bavington for its permanent collection. In addition to being a part of this public collection, the painting will also be featured in the upcoming exhibition, “Geometric Obsession – American School 1965 – 2015,” curated by Robert C. Morgan. Says the museum:

Fifty years ago curator William Seitz presented an op art exhibition titled The responsive eye at MoMa. With this proposal he deployed a scope of contemporary pieces that belonged to this movement, and brought together works of international artists and groups of artists from the United States, Argentina, Italy, England, Poland, amongst others. With the collaboration of one of the most important experts in geometric art of the period, the gallerist Denise René, the show featured the investigations on perception and pieces the generated an optical effect, associated to pure shapes, color and lines.

MACBA’s proposal for 2015 honors this iconic exhibition in its fiftieth anniversary, an initiative essential to the conception of its collection, which contains many of the artists who participated of The responsive eye. The Geometric Obsession. American School 1965-2015 project aims at bringing together forty works by these artists of the American school of abstraction with contemporary artists that have carried their legacy into the present.

The exhibition will be accompanied by an outreach program made up of a symposia of local and American specialists, which will bring forward the importance of these groups and their impact in art history until the present day. It is also expected that in 2016 the exhibition will itinerate in different institutions in Argentina and the South American region.

In addition to Bavington, the show will also include works by Josef Albers, Karl Benjamin, Gene Davis, John McLaughlin, Kenneth Noland, and many others. The exhibition will open on September 26, 2015, at 12pm – and will be accompanied by an in-depth catalogue with essays by critics such as Donald Kuspi, which will be presented in both English and Spanish.

We congratulate Tim on this major milestone!


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