Allison Schulnik in “Landscape City”

Online arts publication Daily Serving recently reviewed “Landscape City,” a group exhibition currently on view at the Center for the Arts Eagle Rock (CA) that was curated by Mark Moore Gallery Manager, Jonah Olson. Included in the exhibition is gallery artist Allison Schulnik‘s most recent video, “Eager” (2014) – which was favorably mentioned in the publication’s glowing review of the show. Says critic Lenae Day:

Allison Schulnik’s EAGER is a jumble of grotesque and beautiful scenes that begins with a dance of skeletal female figures who communicate with their long, stringy hair, since their faces are absent. They come in contact with a gauzy, blue-stained witch and a comically sad clown–horse with an erect, red, swinging dick. Then one woman unzips the others’ stomachs to wear them like backpacks through a wild and carnivorous forest of flowers and trees reminiscent of the garden of live flowers from Alice in Wonderland. The influence of choreographer Pina Bausch is apparent, but so too the terrifying early psychedelic cartoons of the 1930s. What this lavish animation encompasses makes words feel ineffective, but any attempt would have to include life, death, rebirth, sex, competition, nature, self-expression, female empowerment, and reproductive power—thanks to all of the rotting, deformed, and beautifully hand-sculpted figures. Schulnik even places herself in the work in a photographic stop-motion sequence, wearing a costume that resembles the blue clay witch. 

We congratulate both Allison and Jonah on this exhibition – which remains on view through December 11, 2014. For more information about Schulnik’s available works, please email For more information about the exhibition, please email


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