MMG Hiring Part-Time Preparator

The gallery is looking to hire a part-time Preparator. Please send current resumes to A full description of the position, and its required skills/needs is below:

Preparator • Position Overview (Part Time)

Must be physically present in the gallery Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdays, 11am-6pm (or possibly 8pm, as required by opening reception hours once every 4-5 weeks). Position is contingent on full week availability from December 2-7, 2014, while senior staff attends Miami Art Fairs.


  • Knowledge of proper wrapping, packing, and handling fine artwork.
  • Ability to assist with exhibition installations, including hanging work, painting walls, and managing deliveries.
  • Familiarity with obtaining shipping estimates and quotes from art handlers, FedEx, UPS, and specialty couriers.
  • Decent working knowledge of Photoshop and/or InDesign to help archive press, edit images, or create printed gallery content.
  • Strong interpersonal skills when answering phones, working on a team, or collaborating with an artist during an installation.
  • Excellent organizational skills, which would apply to management of physical inventory, ArtBase inventory system, and online sales platforms like Artsy.
  • Ability to self-manage deadlines.


  • Decent writing abilities.
  • Previous knowledge of gallery programs, such as ArtBase, Artsy, WordPress, and Exhibit-E website platforms.
  • Familiarity with installation/inventory photography.

Compensation follows the California guidelines for part time employees. Employee is responsible for logging hours worked, under the supervision of the Director. Rate of pay is hourly, and subject to negotiation based on employee experience and gallery abilities. No benefits shall apply to this position, though the position is open to incentives based on performance and gallery staffing needs. Additional hours may be available each week based on exhibition schedules and art fairs.


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