Kiel Johnson is “Pick of the Week”

Congratulations to Kiel Johnson, whose current exhibition is Artillery Magazine‘s “Pick of the Week!” Says critic Eve Wood:

Damn, Kiel Johnson knows how to draw — not to mention he’s an amateur beekeeper; thus the inspiration for his newest exhibition at Mark Moore where strangely kinetic, hive-like utopias appear to be unraveling, creating a damnable system of ultimate unreliability. Sound familiar, humans? Johnson’s genius is that he celebrates these jettisoned utopias, yet despite the near-perfect beauty inherent in the details, one has the overall sense that their blissful disintegration is of our own making. After all, we can gage our human atrocities against the natural world simply by studying the microcosmic universe of the honey bees, and find, sadly, that we are all too barren. 

Kiel’s show remains on view through November 8, 2014. For more information about the artist or available works, please email

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