LA Times Reviews Penelope Umbrico

The gallery congratulates Penelope Umbrico on her recent review in the Los Angeles Times! Written by Sharon Mizota, the article expounds on Umbrico’s distinctive engagement with technology, photography, and nostalgia. Says Mizota:

“The further we move from traditional technologies, it seems, the deeper the pull to revisit them. Penelope Umbrico’s digital prints at Mark Moore were created on a smartphone but look like old-fashioned photographic accidents. Plagued — indeed, overwhelmed — by light leaks, misalignments and color gels gone awry, they are striking evidence of a collective nostalgia for our vanishing analog past.

[Ansel] Adams may be the inspiration, but his particular vision isn’t at issue here. Our image of the mountain is no longer based on light beaming through a ground glass, but on data beaming through a satellite.”

To read the full review, please visit the LA Times website. For information about the artist, or available works, please email

Umbrico LAT

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