Christopher Russell Acquired by University City Art Museum (China)

Mark Moore Gallery congratulates gallery artist Christopher Russell on the recent acquisition of his work by the University City Art Museum, Guanhzhou China.

Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts(GAFA) – which houses the University City Art Museum – is the only one of its kind in South China. It is the result of Central South College of Fine Arts, a merger of South China Institute of Art and Literature in Guangzhou, Central South Institute of Art and Literature in Wuhan, and the Guangxi Institute of Art. The merger, which was initiated in 1953, moved to Guangzhou in 1958 and was renamed as Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. In the same year, the school began to enroll undergraduate students. The Academy, which once operated under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Culture, is now directly under the provincial government of Guangdong.The collection treasures up more than 10,000 pieces of rare works of art dating back to the Tang Dynasty, and includes a number of international modern and contemporary works.

For more information about the artist or available works, please email

Explosion 15b


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