Christopher Russell: Portland Fall Visual Arts Pick

Gallery artist Christopher Russell‘s current exhibition at Elizabeth Leach Gallery (Portland, OR) was recently chosen by the Willamette Week as a Critic’s Pick. Says critic Richard Speer:

How would you photograph the end of the world? Christopher Russell takes up that question in a new series of altered photographs, Dissonance, Coincidence & Errant Gradations of Light. Using a cheap camera lens, he does something we’re told never to do: With his camera as his eye, he looks directly into the sun. The resulting images capture sprays of spookily brilliant overexposure. As if these images weren’t ominous enough already, Russell subsequently subjects them to a battery of physical batterings to further distress the prints. He scratches them with sharp objects, folds them into sections and sometimes hurls them onto the ground and stomps on them. It leads to a sooty, ragged appearance—the way a photograph might look after a nuclear explosion.

Don’t miss this incredible show, on view at the gallery through September 27, 2014. New works by the artist are also our current “Featured Works” for this week. For additional information about these, and other works by the artist, please email

The Challenge Wind Makes XIV


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