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Featured Works


Four new paintings by Dmitri Kozryev are currently on display in the the new “Featured Works” section on our website!

Dimitri Kozyrev regards the current political and military polemic as relative to past Totalitarian and Imperialistic regimes. He therefore associates contemporary events with the climate of suspicion and censorship (and thus instability) that prevailed in his homeland during the last century, especially in relation to art. The series entitled Lost Edge focuses on notions of the avant-garde and both the military and artistic implications of the phrase. A Modernist and Constructivist re-arranging of pictorial space references artistic movements at the turn of the last century and acts as a reflection on the censoring of the avant-garde artists within the increasing totalitarianism of the early Soviet Union. This body of work illustrates Kozyrev’s contemplation of this history in an attempt to critique, through association, the current state of affairs in both the military and artistic spheres.

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Kris Kuksi presenting at “The Human Form Symposium”


Kris Kuksi

September 10-13, 2014, the Arrowmont School for Arts and Crafts in Gatlinburg, TN will be hosting “Figurative Association: The Human Form Symposium.” This symposium will have presentation and demonstrations by artists who address the human figure through works in all media. Two major exhibitions of figurative art will coincide with the symposium, for which a catalog will be published and available.

A demonstration by Kris Kuksi, entitled “Putting Things on Top of Things” will be included.

The symposium organizer describe Kuksi’s demonstration:

With the aesthetic flow of the Baroque and Rococo fused with modern world rigidity, Kris Kuksi will demonstrate his assemblage technique that bridges time and emotion, religion and warfare, sociological issues and cerebral conditioning all from the use of kitschy bric a brac, hobby trinkets, cheap jewelry, expensive collectables and even dead snails. Join him for a trip into his mild-mannered livelihood as an artist working in the minuet details of his carefully hacked-up compositions and OCD laden approach of putting things on top of things on top of some more things.

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The Los Angeles Summer Sound Series at Mark Moore Gallery

Picture 5LASSS Vol III:
In continuation of the Los Angeles Sound Series happening at Mark Moore Gallery in the Summer of 2014, PARK DETAIL’S BAND (featuring Yasi Perera and Chris Cohen) will headline with opening sets by CORPSEKISSER and PETER KOLOVOS. This series showcases the rich history and thriving present state of exploratory music and experimental sound shaping in and around Los Angeles.

LASSS began in June of 2014 with an historical performance by AIRWAY, the original Los Angeles experimental noise band, featuring 15 members: Ted Byrnes, Dennis Duck, Ace Farren Ford, Michael Foster, Juan Gomez, Fredrik Nilsen, Joseph Hammer, Kevin Laffey, Jorge Martin, Joe Potts, Rick Potts, Tom Recchion, Dani Tull, John Wiese, and Vetza, all essential members of the Los Angeles Free Music Society and important purveyors of experimentalism in Los Angeles in their own rights as far back as the early 1970s



LASSS Vol II took place in July with MOOMAW and BULBS performing in the back patio at Mark Moore Gallery, representing a new generation of experimental and electronic song in Southern California.

This series is curated by Jonah Fernandez Olson

Saturday August 9th

$5 donation goes entirely to the performers

There will be alcoholic and non-alcoholic refreshments




Juxtapoz Previews Clayton Brothers at MMG

Marking their first solo show in LA since their 2012 retrospective at the Pasadena Museum of California Art, The Clayton Brothers will be “Open to the Public” on Saturday, August 16th! In anticipation of the exhibition, Juxtapoz Magazine released a preview of the duo’s new works, stating:

“This should be one of LA’s standout shows in the latter part of the year…We were lucky enough to have a few great pieces by the Brothers at our 20th Anniversary show at Jonathan LeVine Gallery this past May, and we love the direction that the 2x cover artists have gone with their new work.”

We thank Juxtapoz for its continued support of the brothers’ work – and invite you to join us at their opening reception on the 16th, from 6-8pm!