Allison Schulnik in “Little Boat of Sorrow”

Currently on view at Rosamund Felsen Gallery (Santa Monica, CA) is “My Little Boat of Sorrow,” a group exhibition curated by Steven Hull, and featuring work by MMG’s Allison Schulnik. The show was recently featured on Hunter Drohojowska-Philp’s “Art Talk” on KCRW – says the critic:

This group show was organized by Steven Hull and involves a number of artists who are friends and work together on a regular basis. Hull’s title for the show is based on the idea that the works “explore the sentiment of sorrow which can be the halfway point between sadness and distress.” Marnie Weber’s work has long engaged ideas about the spirit world and her sculpture, Sea Witch (2010-2014), a small boat carrying a uniformed pig, a despairing bird wrapped in gauze, and blue-faced woman draped in back, rests on a bed of rocks, as though ready to make passage to the other world. Jim Shaw’s shadowy untitled figure (resting) (2013) stands as a distant observer and there are pale skeletons cut from left-over plastic milk bottles by Tami Demaree. And there is Allison Schulnik’s always interesting stop-motion video, a 2014 piece called “Eager.”

The show also features work by Tami Demaree, Alex Evans, Tanya Haden, Gibby Haynes, Steven Hull, Jim Shaw, and Marnie Weber, and will remain on view through August 9, 2014.



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