Andrew Schoultz in Public Spaces

Gallery artist Andrew Schoultz will be participating in two exciting public arts incentives this summer. First up is “Way Out West,” curated by Hello Art City, taking place on billboards all over San Francisco. Says the curatorial team:

The exhibition will take over outdoor advertising in San Francisco’s Inner Mission to turn the neighborhood into a public art gallery for six weeks from July 7th through August 17th, 2014. “Way Out West” will bring together emerging, mid-career and established artists with California roots to create new work that addresses the spirit of California as a fertile ground for dreamers, pioneers and counterculture. Curated by Tova Lobatz and Jenny Sharaf, the month-long exhibition will span billboards, transit shelters, and bus takeovers by artists exploring the role of art in public spaces and news ways of embedding art in daily life.

Other artists in “Way Out West” include Brett Amory, Apex, Pakayla Rae Biehn, Anthony Discenza, Annie Vought, Hannah Ireland, Jeremy Fish, Casey Gray, Desirée Holman, Chris Johanson, Jet Martinez, Alicia McCarthy, Alia Penner, Dave Schubert, Jen Stark, and Zio Ziegler.

Following this project, Schoultz will also have work featured in “The Provacateurs,” a major group exhibition occurring in collaboration with Lollapalooza, and curated by Shepard Fairey. Taking place in Chicago (IL) July 31 – August 4, 2014, the show a new 8 x 20 foot painting, alongside works by forty other contemporary artists.

Sherbert Tree


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