Andrew Schoultz’s Summer Exhibitions

Program artist Andrew Schoultz will have work included in two group exhibitions this summer. Opening on July 12th at Hosfelt Gallery in San Francisco (CA) is “Holding It Together: Collage, Montage, Assemblage,” which also features work by John Ashbery, Rina Banerjee, Joe Brainard, Sarah Cain, Nick Cave, Bruce Conner, Jean Conner, Jay DeFeo, Mathew Hale, Tim Hawkinson, Jess, Matt Lipps, Emil Lukas, Ruth Marten, Vik Muniz, Wangechi Mutu, John O’Reilly, Patricia Piccinini, Liliana Porter, Alan Rath, Ed Ruscha, and William T. Wiley. Says the gallery:

This group exhibition showcases artists whose practice involves combining disparate elements to create a coherent object that takes on a completely different meaning than the sum of its parts. Though collage, montage and assemblage can be used to create abstract work, this exhibition focuses on representation, particularly that dealing with the human body or psychology.

The exhibition will remain on view through August 16, 2014.

Concurrently on the other side of the country, Schoultz will also have work in Joshua Liner Gallery‘s “Summer Mixer,” which runs July 17 – August 27, 2014. For more information about either of these shows, please contact the respective galleries directly.


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