Christopher Russell Limited Edition Aperture Prints

If you are planning to attend this weekend’s Paris Photo LA fair (April 24-27 at Paramount Studios), make sure to visit Aperture Foundation’s booth – as they will be showcasing two new limited edition prints by gallery artist, Christopher Russell. Aligning with the artist’s current solo exhibition at the gallery (which closes May 3), the prints have already been the subject of much critical acclaim. Says art critic Shana Nys Dambrot for KCET:

“Christopher Russell will be releasing two print editions through Aperture at their storefront in the New York Backlot D1. Each image is in an edition of 10, but the scratching and drawing on each single piece is unique. The work is related to the current exhibition at Mark Moore Gallery, which examines among other things the potential beauty and emotional power of imperfection, and ‘the handmade origins of bookmaking, imitating the illustrative qualities of crafted manuscripts while also recalling the visual language of contemporary materiality, literature, and design.'”

We congratulate Christopher on this special project, and encourage you to visit both the fair, and the gallery before close of exhibition.

Christopher Russell Print 2



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