Kris Kuksi Unveils New Work in New York

The gallery is pleased to announce Kris Kuksi‘s fourth New York solo exhibition with Joshua Liner Gallery. Opening on Thursday, November 21, “Revival” will feature several of the artist’s elaborate and sculptural assemblage pieces. Says the gallery:

“When encountering Kuksi’s work from a distance, these ornate sculptures resemble something of the Belle Époque—or certainly representative of that period’s ethos. A cursory glance gives the impression of decorative frills and ornamental beauty. At times, the central figure appears serene, omnipresent. However, upon closer inspection, the sculptures reveal a dark underbelly. Rage, conflict, tragedy, and mournfulness are prevalent in the dialogue among the smaller, less dominant figures.”

For more information, visit the gallery’s exhibition page. The show will remain on view until January 18th, 2014.


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